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March 5, 2009

So far, I have spoken in 6 cities, and have 14 more to visit on the “Glass Half Full” tour. I have had the chance to engage with over 300 designers, and hope to meet more than 1500 when this is done. Along the way I am truly gaining an understanding of our markets and our challenges. Perhaps our biggest challenge is fear- ours, and that of our clients. It is certainly no wonder, with all the media hype, negative news, and hyper negative reporting. Fear is corrosive and contagious and difficult to escape once it is firmly lodged in one’s psyche. Yet fear, I have learned, is a choice, and its opposite seems to be faith. If we have faith in ourselves, in our skills, and in our ability to forge ahead, then fear cannot dominate our daily lives. The same is true for our clients. Yes, there are real, concrete problems to solve, and lives that have been affected. But fear will not solve those problems. Faith in ourselves and our abilities, faith in the fact that the future will eventually brighten (though not always in ways we expect!), and faith in family and friendships, that will get us through and keep us strong. There is also faith that emanates from religion and spirituality, and this faith also can be very instrumental in defeating fear.

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