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Luxury Shame

March 9, 2009

Whether it is wealthy New York Fifth Avenue customers hiding luxury purchases in plain paper shopping bags or people not spending money because other people that they know have lost their jobs, spending significant money conspicuously is very out of fashion right now, almost immoral. And yet the flip side is that if consumers stop spending they actually make things worse instead of help them get better. It would seem to me that, for those who want to and can afford to invest significant sums of money in a project or purchase that will provide jobs for Americans right now they should do so, not to show off, but to help out!

This is certainly true in interior design. Renovating one’s home provides work for the economy and satisfaction for the owner and, if it is too conspicuous all at once, it can be done slowly and carefully. Maybe your home will appear on the outside to be a plain paper bag, but inside there will be a collection of quiet understated luxury home furnishings that reflect your journey through the world of design with a professional interior designer.

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  1. December 15, 2009 12:30 pm

    What about the internet sites that are selling hi-end product to anyone, consumers, and designers alike, at 20% above cost to anyone… they tell the consumer which showroom to visit locally to see the particular line(s) they are interested in, use them as a resource, becasue after all they are very helpful. Gather all the info they need, custom sizing, finishes, etc, then order the product through the internet for 20% above cost, across the board. Not sure what they are doing about receivers, etc, but to me this is a harsher reality than retail pricing, and selling to anyone retail. I work on cost plus, so I am transparent in my pricing. But these sites make the consumer (a lot of the hi-end consumers) who “know exactly” what they want, believe they don’t need a designer. It is diminishing our professionalism to a certain degree(that is diminishing in people’s because consumers feel “empowered” to gain access to these resources that are now available at designer’s cost plus 20%. Do we just give it time and let the consumer realize through trial & error that there are very valid, good reasons to hire/work with a designer through the entire proces?. I will be raising my hourly to compensate for all this purchasing product reality. Mind as well just have the conversation upfront with clients and let them decide how and through whom they wish to order product. There will be a severe learning curve with many, I imagine.
    So…. many old stead fast principles that support us still apply in our business. We just have to remember what they are and understand and stay abreast of all the changes that will continue to morph. Happy Holidays to all.

  2. March 19, 2009 11:08 am

    Your right: investing ensures more stabilty in general, there are no hideaways ore islands anymore, that would not be effected by this crisis. Be responsible. It´s all about sharing in general, and agreeing, that if there is any future in stabilty, it´ll only be beacause of those being aware of what is to do today to make sure that future is becoming reality and not the one you have had in your nightmares.
    Those having the opportunity, invest as much as possible in recreating an envireonment of stability and relayable structures around you. So do your self and your next the favour, help and buy! Pay taxes, realise whatever you can afford without loosing ground, and never forget: you can´t take it with you tree feed under. Buying means sharing! Be proud, be selfcondident, invest in your future, help recreate. And never forget: Donghia makes this world more enjoyable.

  3. March 15, 2009 5:38 pm

    Understated is better anyway!

  4. LJK permalink
    March 9, 2009 9:51 pm

    Nice Blog

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