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Three Strategies

March 13, 2009

Getting a Project Started
Often, end user clients want to start their project but hesitate because of fear and/or concern for the future, and because of spending in general. One idea I heard is to offer to phase the project- by room, by floor, or by trade. This gets the project started but allows the client’s cash flow to become manageable.

Style and Stage
For a flat fee, go in and re-shuffle a house’s interior that is about to be put up for sale. Have a sliding scale: complete re-do, just the downstairs, etc. Then, use inventory you might have (accessories, lighting, etc) and offer to rent it to the client (homeowner or realtor or bank) during the sale period to add luster to the interior look and finish.

Style and Stage- Industrial Strength

Contact local banks or other institutions that are stuck with a lot of “Starter Castles” or “McMansions”. Offer to do bulk style and stage work for them on an ongoing basis under contract. Possibly get a % of the sale or flat fee as your compensation.

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  1. March 19, 2009 10:46 am

    Any crisis serves as fundament for improvement. As Interior Designers should be masters in improving their ideas, it should be possible to take the best out of this global crisis, that all have to face. If the world is cold and dangerous, so there are more reasons to have a omfortable and safe home (that your Designer can offer), if the prices of things fall and money is short, the more does quality and endurance count and the value is seen (thats what Donghia has…), if old portfolios don´t work out, turn your thinking upside down: don´t think of that 2% rich people having been your costumers (and now lost half glas), but of those millions that could become yours today (and fill up your half full glas)!

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