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May 8, 2009

Supplier Presentations for Clients (from Detroit)
Invite the representatives of your major suppliers of furniture, textiles, floor-coverings, wallcoverings, lighting and accessories to come to your firm, say one representative from three different categories at a time (including Donghia and Bergamo of course!), for a presentation to your prospective client(s). This can be an evening or luncheon or afternoon presentation – create a bit of an event out of it and especially try to include products that you hope the client will want to have you specify. This can make clients can feel as if they have access (a small secret thrill?) and they can become grateful to the design firm for granting them this “peek behind the curtain”.

The same concept works for art, in-home theater, window treatments, everything you will specify. It works for one important client or several prospective clients. It works for small groups in the same manner as book clubs getting together to learn about a particular author. Manufacturer’s representatives will gladly participate if given enough notice.

Keeping in Touch (from Boston)
A designer told me that she pays attention to the small things that are important to her clients and follows up after projects are completed with small gifts and/or newspaper articles, and such. Some like cats, or collecting things, or a place/favorite vacation spot so as she comes across related things in her life she sends them. This has resulted in several repeat clients.

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