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A Little Knowledge is a Useful Thing- Three Things to Learn About

June 16, 2009

There are several areas that every designer should be familiar with, at least in passing, areas that may not be obvious. They are:

Universal Design – Design for an Ageing Population
I link these because they work well together. Barrier-free design coupled with a knowledge of the requirements of interior design for an ageing population represents an important and increasing area of work over the next 10-20 years for the interior design industry. The baby boomers are ageing, and that McMansion, or Starter Castle, or even Starter Kingdom, now must be a luxurious but flat and barrier free residence with specifically appropriate furnishings. “”

Passive House Technology
This is an important architectural trend from Europe. It combines solar with geo-thermal energy to provide heat without a furnace. This also involves precise ventilation and controlled air movement throughout the dwelling. “” “”

Feng Shui
Everyone knows it exists, and many have learned something about this global movement. It is important that any/all designers at least grasp the basic tenets of this design philosophy given the widespread interest in its power and belief in its efficacy. “” “”

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