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Three Business Ideas for Designers

June 16, 2009

The Tea Party
At the end of a project offer to host a tea party at the client’s house, and then join the client in showing the new interiors to all of his/her friends (the tea-party guests!). At that party, be sure to hand out business cards and/or your literature while showing off the wonderful job you no doubt did for the client!

The Silent Auction
Contact the private schools, church schools, charities and other private enterprises in your area that use silent auctions to raise money. Offer your services as a biddable commodity. You do not need to attend that church or school, what matters is that they can raise money using your offer of service. You, in turn, can arrange your cards/brochures, etc around the sign-up sheet, and the night of the auction dozens if not hundreds of well-heeled (hopefully) clients will see your name and design capability over and over again. Someone may actually win you to end up hiring you, but many will become aware of your firm.

Dream Consulting
For those who really really like people, consider this idea. Set up your design library as a place where prospective clients, for an hourly fee of $xx per hour, can browse, plan, dream, and create their new interiors (with a little help from you). Have coffee, carbohydrates, and a computer available, and give them their own special file to fill with the things they want/love/must have. Then, make the hourly fee refundable if they hire you/your firm to do the entire project!

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  1. June 23, 2009 10:19 am

    Love to have you visit Seattle…. I will mention this to Kelly Forsland.
    Great thoughts.. I find ‘end of project parties’ very successful.

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