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Three Business Ideas for Designers-II

September 15, 2009

Create Your Own Client Projects

I met this morning with an architect/designer friend.  He realized that if he had to wait for potential clients to send him RFP’s, his firm would be impacted to an even greater degree than it had already been by this recession.  So, he started to identify potential projects that clients could not see for themselves.  Then, at his expense, he created presentations that offered imaginative but budget-conscious solutions to these unrecognized design problems.  It is working- he has gotten two projects so far!  So, this is a very creative  solution to the issues that we all face.

Inventory Your Clients

I also spoke with another designer/friend who has made a point of calling all her clients to ascertain their needs and requirements for 2010. This allows her to plan, and them to think about interior design and the work they might want to do in the future. Sadly, interior design is not at the tip of everyone’s tongues at times like this, so jogging the client’s mind with visions of pool houses and vacation homes is a terrific marketing idea.

Networking  2

I also want to recognize the Designer’s Collaborative in New York.  This terrific organization, made up of some of the leading designers and architects in New York, has met regularly for many years to share knowledge, advice, ideas and friendship together.  Recently, this has been especially important in light of the recession.  What started out as a networking organization has evolved into a real forum for growth.  This group helps each other, and through adversity they all benefit from their combined efforts.

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