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Geographical Cure for your Business

September 24, 2009

OK. Business is excruciatingly slow where you live. Even prospective clients who will never pay their bills aren’t contacting your office. What do you do? Move your business without moving your business! I am certain you have done the beach house for a client, or the mountain house, in addition to their primary residence. What is business like in that beach community? What is it like in that mountain village? Why not make certain your website stresses work you have done in areas where there might be new work for your firm RIGHT NOW! Why not try some of the ideas on this site in new areas. Participate in silent auctions in those communities instead of your own. Offer to be a speaker on your favorite subject in their town or community. Why not? Maybe you will end up actually moving and thriving, who knows?

Or, just look around you. Many designers only work in a small area of a much larger area. If your business is primarily in the northern suburbs of a big city, what about the western suburbs? Just a thought, but it beats sitting going stir crazy, and other designers are doing it. That’s how I know about it and can offer it as an idea to you!

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