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Get Your Own Sound Byte!

September 25, 2009

As I am sure you have noticed, people no longer pay attention. You are talking and they start looking over their shoulder, checking their Blackberry, whatever. So, if you are talking to a prospective client, you need a concise, short answer to explain what you do and what makes your firm different/better. You need a sound byte in an era of information overload. You can expand your discussion after they seem interested, but you should start with a quick, accurate, concise answer.  

Have several people in your office (or several people who know your business) develop a paragraph each describing your business. Then distill them down into a short 15-20 second “sound byte”, and practice it. It is like the old elevator sales test. Can you sell something to someone in the time it takes to take the elevator down to the ground floor?

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