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Behind the Scenes at Rubelli

October 5, 2009

Rubelli, the majority shareholder of Donghia and half owner of Bergamo, manufactures textiles in the hills above Lake Como. Here’s a quick peek!

The Rubelli mill is in Cucciago and was built in the mind-1800’s.  This mill houses both a modern textile mill as well as looms from the 18th century.  Here it is before renovation in 2004:

Before renovation in 2004

Here’s how it looks today: Cucciago after renovation


Here is one of the antique looms.  These are used by students who are studying to be Master Weavers to create silk textiles exactly as they were woven 300 years ago.Antique loom in Rubelli mill in Cucciago


  18th century loom in Rubelli mill Handloomed velvet on antique loom at Rubelli

 Modern loom One of many modern looms at Rubelli


Thread used on state of the art looms

 Modern loom Ancient design being woven on modern Rubelli loom

 Metallic thread Metallic yarns for modern looms

 Modern loom with Rubelli's jacquard, Camelia Complicated jacquard Camelia being woven at Rubelli

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