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Marketing Up the Food Chain

November 6, 2009

Everyone says that things are getting better. Even pessimists seem to feel that things are not getting worse (though they cannot bring themselves to say that things are getting better). So, what if things actually ARE getting better? Then, that is when the work begins- not the work of survival, but the work of recovery.

The interior design profession is what is known as a lagging indicator. We feel the force of a recession after many other industries, but also we come out of a recession after most other industries. Sadly, home furnishings should be a priority when things start to get better, but evidently only I think so! Anyway, if the economy is improving, our business will as well, just not right away. SO, this is when you should start “marketing up the food chain”. What does that mean?

To begin with, buyers have to buy or renovate homes, or developers have to build homes, or corporations have to expand/move/contract, in order for a design project to happen. So, before a designer is involved there is often: an architect, a real estate attorney, a developer, a real estate agent, a banker, a kitchen/bath store, or someone or some company ahead of the designer in the food chain. Go meet them. Go market to them. Let them know of your skills, your vision, your desire to work with them and what you bring to the party in terms of special skills and abilities. Develop a Power Point. Develop your “elevator speech”(see ideas for designers in this blog re sound bytes, but basically it means a 30 second answer to “what do you do?”). Go see some of these folks and introduce yourself. In short, get out there and “market Up the Food Chain”. Then, when business really turns and our industry starts rising, you will be way way ahead. Good luck! Go get’em!

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