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Frugal Fatigue

November 9, 2009

I just read several different articles on the subject of frugal fatigue.  Nation-wide, there is a growing sense that treating oneself to a present every now and again is acceptable again.  In one case, it was branded ice cream as opposed to generic.  In another, it was granite kitchen counter tops instead of laminate.  In electronics stores, purchases of luxury flat screens are creeping up on purchases of replacement cheap home office printers.  Women’s shoes, the good ones, are increasing in sales.  So are brand name designer clutches and small leather goods.   In the home, wallcovering is now on the rise in sales.  In short, people are finding that a judicious decision to loosen up the purse strings for something really desired is no longer a completely terrible idea.  Possibly luxury shame as a concept is ending.

On a personal note, my wife and I had our front porch rebuilt, something we had been putting off endlessly due to budget and economic concerns.  It felt good.  It looks great.  It wasn’t as expensive as we feared.  We got sick of waiting.  We are really happy we did it.   The Halloween pumpkins have never had a better holiday setting!

I guess that is frugal fatigue.  It also may be a sign that there is hope in the air.

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