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Another Good Idea from a Busy Designer

December 18, 2009

Recently I was having lunch with an interior designer-client. He was busy with several projects, and I asked him how he was so busy in this recession. He said he has developed a multi-tiered approach to clients. If they are unsure about hiring a designer but responded to his advertising (which he does), then he has a flat rate for a consultation-he can size them up and they can size him up, and he gives them constructive advice on how to proceed with their project- next steps if you will. If they want to run everything and purchase everything then he charges an hourly fee and a flat% to cover the handling of all purchased merchandise and a fee if other services are required. Or, if they want, he charges an all-inclusive price by the room or interior space. He said he gets clients who had cold feet about using a designer but find this “easing into it” approach eliminates their concerns. He also will switch back and forth in terms of fee structure if required, or work out variations during the project if it makes sense. Clients these days want to be more in control, and more involved, and he accepts that as the new reality and works with it. It is certainly working for him!

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  1. January 7, 2010 12:45 am

    This is very true for our company. For us the fact that we do a lot of construction drawings helps us. IN 2009, We consulted a lot of clients in construction issues by hourly and most of the time this type of work leads to purchasing of furniture etc. With easy access to purchasing through websites etc, clients do not need designers to do purchasing like it used to be. However they do not know how to put the project together or they do not have the know how on contruction this is where designers come in.
    This is why I often urge new comers in the interior design field to learn to draft, space plan and draw well perferable by hand. Becuase this type of skill the clients can not do.

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