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On the Road Again!

February 5, 2010

It is February 2010 and I am on the road again!  For Donghia and Bergamo there are glimmers of an upturn, and for the larger design community there seems to be more hope and optimism.  I had the good fortune to speak at the World Market Center Las Vegas this week at their market.  The title of my new talk is “Jumpstart Your Own Recovery”, following on last year’s Glass Half Full discussion.  The audience was great.  Most were now beginning to get busy again and were eager for advice on how to get even busier.  I hope that I was helpful.

So, how are you doing?  Post a comment on this blog about how you are finding the market for your services where you live.  I will be going all over the place again this year and hope you can come to one of these talks.  They are free, so they are certainly worth the price of admission!  Tell me what you are doing to dig out and get going again!  Recently I was in Dania, Florida to open our new gorgeous showroom in the DCOTA.  I was really impressed with the energy and positive energy in South Florida, a market conventional wisdom says is moribund.  NOT SO!  South Florida is alive and busy.  Allison Palladino is just one of the great designers who is running as fast as she can.  There are many others.  I was so impressed with her positive spirit and abundant talent.  It is positive spirit plus your undoubted talent that, combined, make a compelling case for potential clients.  Clients are beginning to come out from under.  They need to be re-assured about the upturn, not reminded about the downturn.  Remember that!  I am trying to do just that I as I move around.

I am actually on a flight from San Francisco to New York right now, blogging.  How times have changed.  The San Francisco market was stronger than anyone expected, and Bunny Williams drew over 300 people in her audience by my count.  Things are improving, slowly to be sure, but they are getting a little better.

So be positive, try new things, have some fun, and let me know what is working for you!  Thanks.  See you all “On the Road”.

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  1. bobi permalink
    February 8, 2010 2:48 pm

    Crans, the market paradigm has changed. Western economies are not adding sufficient value to GDP. The consequent economic fallout down to the interiors market is clear to see. Things will improve but the heady days of recent years have gone for quite a while. Designers need to make a quantum change to their marketing and sales, not just tinker at the edges, there is just too much competition for limited projects.

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