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Aging in Place – The Next Big Thing?

March 15, 2010

The more I travel, and the more I have the chance to speak with interior designers and also health care professionals, the more I am struck by the potential size of the “aging-in-place” market, and the number of interior designers that are unaware of this phenomenon.  Let me commend to you the ASID website.  They have an excellent section on Aging & Accessibility”.  Let me quote from this site.  “One of the biggest challenges in the next 30 years will be how to meet the demand for quality living environments for the burgeoning population of older adults”.  “But aging in place is not just about the home.  The aging of the population will affect every interior environment – private, commercial, and public”. 

From another website (Service Magic), “According to the AARP, over 80 million Americans will reach retirement age within the next 15 years, and over 80% of those retirees would like to stay in their present home as long as possible.  Most homes aren’t built with the needs of aging seniors in mind.”

Just a thought, but this sounds like a huge marketing opportunity for the interior design profession at a time when the profession needs such a thing!  It takes study and accreditation, but in return there is business to be had right now!

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  1. cristinahadzi permalink
    April 8, 2010 5:44 pm

    Thank you for your informative post; I have been thinking about this design potential for some time, first in a bemused sort of way and then a project I completed recently turned it into a more real conversation. Clients of mine, a couple in their mid-50s with 2 daughters, relocated to Charlottesville VA after many years in New York City. They built a house and i worked on the interiors with them; their directive from the very beginning was that they would “never move again”. Decisions I would never have considered were suddenly in the foreground. The master bedroom suite was on the ground floor and an elevator (along with s staircse) was installed; the additional bedrooms upstairs. The lighting scheme was considerably more generous in both sheer amount and the options than I would ordinarily consider and all finishes were selected for the long run. Although initially I felt my clients were being a bit rigid with their requests it was a very interesting process which has since made me think more about the bigger picture. My most recent post is about a rug I used in this home.

  2. March 31, 2010 12:33 am

    If you want a BIG opportunity…find a BIG problem.
    Aging in place is both.

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