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Curious Phenomenon- Getting Better? YES!

July 29, 2010

We use the term “rays of hope”.  You can call them what you will.  In every market where Donghia or Bergamo Fabrics does business, something good is happening!  At this point I cannot say that every market has every type of product selling better everywhere.  I can say that every market is rocketing forward with at least one category of product.  I can also say that some designers in all markets are now extremely busy with more clients than they can handle.  Many design firms are hiring again, albeit carefully.  In every case, nothing is as it was before.  Billing structures are now different.  Clients want a different relationship with their designers.  More clients than ever are trying to figure out things for themselves.  But, there is a lot more activity out there!  So, if you are one of our wonderful interior designers and are reading this, I hope that this describes your business.  I will say it again:  all markets have some designers doing much much better.  I hope it is you.

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