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The Holiday Season and a Look Back

December 17, 2010

First of all, I wish each of you a joyous holiday in every size and flavor!  Our family’s mini-diaspora is getting together in Connecticut for the holidays, and I am profoundly grateful that everyone is well and has survived all that life has thrown at each of them in the past year.  Gratitude seems to be in abundance, and as they say an “Attitude of Gratitude” never is out of place whether in spoken word or heartfelt emotion.  Yes, there will be presents and massive culinary consumption, but it will be the walks in the (hopefully) snowy woods on winter evenings that will linger on in our memories.

2010 has been quite a year in the interior design industry.  2009 was supposed to be the bottom, but 2010 may have superceded it in its quiet erosion from month to month.  Business has at last started to turn upwards, and there now is a sense of hope in the air.  Designer after designer is busy again, whether in Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, or Scottsdale, cities I have visited recently.  We know we are a lagging economic indicator, but lagging as a concept is overrated – the design community is ready for action!  Some designers are extremely busy, most are somewhat busy. There are less designers, less showrooms, and less clients, but smaller may be better in the long run.  One exciting development is the hundreds of new start-up design firms all across America.  Good for you, each of you and all of you!  What’s it like?  Tell us!

At Donghia/Bergamo, we continue to invest in our business and plan for a brighter future, with new showrooms and new collections.  We will start construction on a huge new D&D Building Showroom for Donghia and Bergamo in January, and Donghia is opening in new Rubelli showrooms in London and Dubai in 2011 as well.  We are moving forward, and many designers around the globe are moving forward with us.  We see all of this economic turmoil as an opportunity, a glass half full if you will, and are working hard to emphasize every silver lining in each passing cloud.  We also are grateful – for the support of our clients, our suppliers, and our employees.  Thank you one and all.

So may your dreams be merry and bright, and all your holidays peaceful.  I promise to be more active in 2011.  I will be speaking at the San Francisco February Market, and look forward to seeing many design industry friends at that time.

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