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“Stay-Cession”- the Recession That Never Ends

September 18, 2011

The recession is over.  That was said 2 years ago, I think.  Since then we have had… exactly what?  Headline-driven consumer confidence?  In our field, clients have the resources, would love to spend it with a qualified interior designer, but seem to live from WSJ to WSJ headline.  Start!  Wait, Stop!  Hold Off- wait OK start again!

I have heard there is Frugal Fatigue, wherein clients are tired of not spending money so they rashly buy something extravagant.  I have heard there is Luxury Shame, wherein clients are ashamed that they can spend their money so they don’t.  I have heard of Brown Bag Consuming, wherein clients now are spending again but in secret so that no one will see them.  This is the “new normal”?

I think that Washington and the political craziness that passes for “Democracy in Action” in our country these days has us all worried, and the financial state of the world is purported to be in even worse shape.  When did we sudddenly need to worry about the debt structure of Greece and Italy?  There is no good news anywhere, only bad news or purported bad news, and immense and unending uncertainty about practically everything.  Obama, Bachmann, Perry, Ron Paul, Romney?  These are are chosen future leaders?  Really?  And, banks are laying people off again, as are state governments. Kind of gets to one, doesn’t it.  But, it is not a recession or a double-dip or a depression.  I think the new term should be a “Stay-cession”, since it is the recession that never leaves.  The new normal is a stay-cession.  You heard it here first.

One thing you can be certain of- none of this is new.  All of this has happened before.  This too shall pass.  If I were you, I would go and do something nice for yourself.  While I hope that that might include some terrific new fabric or furniture from Donghia and Bergamo, it might be a great massage, an antique car, quilting lessons, or a trip to see your grandchildren.  Do something nice for yourself!  Or, better yet, try doing something really nice for someone else, and then don’t acknowledge that it was you that did it.  That is a “two-fer”.  You feel great, and they are really happy.  Can’t hurt, right?

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