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More Water For A Glass That Is Starting To Fill Up!

November 7, 2011

I recently returned from a business trip to Las Vegas, an epicenter of this recession.  Starting with President Obama’s inadvertent swipe at their convention business and continuing through their severe housing crash and significant homeless situation, Las Vegas has had it worse than many cities in America.  The casino business dropped significantly as did hotel occupancy.  Stark steel skeletons still stand, a mute testament to this downturn in the economic fortunes of this often misunderstood city.

Well, Las Vegas is coming back.  Bit by bit and not all at once, slowly not swiftly, but it is coming back.  There is hiring going on.  Hotels are refurbishing even if they are not expanding.  There is hope in the air once again.  The casinos were jammed, the best hotels were charging premium prices once again, and as a fan of this town it was a sight for sore eyes.

I attended the Hospys Awards Dinner, where they announce the winners for Best Casino Design, Best Hotel, and the like. The dinner was sold out, which was a far cry from the past several years.  Designers were elegant, the ladies beautiful, but most of all they were excited, and, just maybe, hopeful that there was a turnaround at hand.

So, a little more water in my slowly filling glass.  Hopefully, a glass half full will become a glass overflowing!

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