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The Original Intent of This Blog

December 18, 2011

When A Glass Half Full was started, things looked particularly bleak for the interior design industry! Starting in 2008, and continuing through today, we have experienced four years of belt-tightening, and many of the members of our ranks have left the business. Hundreds of showrooms have closed, and thousands of interior designers have merged, quit, or gone into new professions. And yet-

There are hundreds of new design firms sprouting up all over the country! Many of the very top firms are busier than they have been in a very long time. A lot of domestic hospitality work is coming back to American design firms across this country. Health Care, Aging In Place and Assisted Living interior design projects are exploding and creating jobs everywhere. Our showrooms are far busier than they were (thank you all), and the supply chain that supports the merchandise we sell is starting to strain at the increase in volume in our industry. That glass is going to have more water in it!

So, for 2012, we just might have a good year! I know that sounds strange, after four years of this “stay-cession”. But if you are an interior designer reading this right now, go to the section called “Ideas for Designers”, because many of these are working for designers and all came from designers as suggestions. Try some new ideas. Adapt your business and, for instance, expand the services you offer- you may not need more clients if you can provide more for your existing clients!

Recently ASID came out with a terrific book on just this subject, and I urge you to get it. It is called “Interior Design in the New Economy”. It is very much worth using as a guideline. It is also gratifying that many of the ideas in that book match the ideas that came from the design audiences across America that attended my talks in 2009-2010! So all of you, and ASID must be on the right track.

Good luck to all in 2012. Let’s keep filling that glass so that half full becomes overflowing for our wonderful industry.

To all of you I wish a wonderful holiday season!

Crans Baldwin

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