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Donghia in Paris

January 26, 2012

I have returned from Maison et Objet and Deco Off; two parallel luxury Home furnishings expositions; one in Paris and one outside of Paris. As our companies (Rubelli, Donghia, Sahco) all have beautiful showrooms in Paris, I was forced, forced to spend five days in Paris and did not attend the fair at Villepint, which I understand was extremely busy. Life can be difficult you see, but one has to adapt. It rained a bit, drizzled a bit, but ladies and gentlemen, rain in Paris seems somehow acceptable and appropriate, especially when accompanied by a chocolate croissant and a cup of coffee from Paul.

What matters is that the world was there and the world’s decorative business, while heavily impacted by the global recession to be sure, showed every sign of starting to thrive once again. It must be some sort of economic indicator that we worked with designers and home furnishing stores from literally dozens and dozens of cities and countries, even America! To travel to Paris from Boston, or New York, or Sao Paulo, or Sydney, Capetown, Moscow, Toronto, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and from so many other cities, all to see what’s new and shop for clients- an economic indicator indeed! It was exhilarating even as it was exhausting! Imagine working side by side listening to seven or eight languages at once, all people admiring the same designs and considering them for each market where that particular language is spoken. Serbia, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Lebanon, you name it; an intelligent and thoughtful cacophony of language; the language of interior design from all over the world.

The press were heavily in attendance, just like the good old days. I had wonderful talks with countless talented editors, publishers and bloggers. Ludovic Darricau of Elitis and I also had the privilege of working with Julia Noran and Jessica Rahm Perez from The Editor At Large, one of our industry’s very finest blogs. We toured Donghia and Rubelli, followed by a stroll down the Boulevard St. Germain to Elitis, all the while admiring the beautiful city we had the good fortune to be working in. Julia guided us through the videography process like the true professional she is, all with the hopes that we could capture some of the flavor of this exciting industry market in this magnificent city. If it doesn’t all end up on the cutting room floor I invite you to take a look!

If last week was a portent of things to come, then the year of the Dragon may indeed hold good fortune for the interior design business and those of us who support and supply the world’s designers with beautiful products.

So, next year, maybe you will come, and I will see you at Sahco, Rubelli, Donghia, or even strolling along the Seine. It beats High Point!

And, The Giants won! Sorry, a little New York pride. Go Giants!

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  1. January 29, 2012 2:53 pm

    Thank you so much for this update Crans and I so pity your HAVING to spend five days in Paris for business – quel domage, as they say. It is wonderful to read your perspective on the design world on a global level and I agree there’s an upward shift lately..the year of the Dragon is bringing abundance to all.

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