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Spring Collections from Sahco & Rubelli at Donghia

February 1, 2012

It is 60 degrees outside as I sit in my office in Westchester. One year ago there was four feet of snow piled up and it was freezing. Myabe it’s not global warming, but it is certainly odd. Day lilies are trying to send up shoots, and crocus are tentatively appearing. Now that the Northeast is becoming more temperate, I will not complain. I just hope that February is not January’s cruel sister.

More interestingly, there is a renewed sense of optimism that is cropping up throughout the Donghia world, just like the tentative early signs of spring in my yard. Our booked order business in several showrooms set records in January, as did showroom traffic. Residential designers seem to have a lot of work, and are favoring us with their presence- thank you, thank you. Signs of spring are possibly signs of a strong 2012, something we fondly hope for on behalf of the design community, and in a larger sense the wider design industry (that includes Donghia and Bergamo!).

So, I thought I would sneak in a few pictures of new Sahco and Rubelli Textiles. Think of them as spring flowers emerging within our showrooms! Their respective spring collections are coming out over the next 60 days at a Donghia Showroom near you. The Donghia Collection is already out. Take a look, and enjoy!

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  1. Mary Carousso permalink
    February 2, 2012 9:53 pm

    Hey! Nice Blog Crans! Congratulations on the ultimate marriage of Donghia and Begamo…wishing you much sucess!

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