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Albert Hadley

April 9, 2012


By now everyone knows that Albert Hadley, globally renowned and celebrated interior designer, passed away last week. I wish I could say that Albert Hadley was a close friend, but I can say that he was a close acquaintance throughout my many years in the design industry. Also, he came from Nashville, and I lived there for several years working for The Baker Furniture Co.  He was a gentleman, and a gentle man. As a client, he was unfailing polite, but firm. As a supporter of those he championed, he was superb. I remember when we introduced Lulu de Kwiatkowski and her new book to the Donghia New York clients, he sat in the front row and volunteered to introduce Lulu, since he both revered her work and knew her a hell of a lot better than we did!

However, Albert Hadley was special to me for another completely different reason. 99.9% of the interior design industry does not know this, but I actually drew and designed both a fabric and a wallpaper for the Peter Fasano Collection. Peter, like Mr. Hadley is a gentleman and a gentle man, and he agreed to let me try my hand at product design. The fabric and wallpaper were displayed in at least 10 showrooms across America, and were quietly discontinued several years later. Dismal sales! However, this pattern had two loyal clients, and one of them was Albert Hadley, who used it in powder rooms and evidently in other interior spaces. Imagine- you have exactly one design on the market, and THE Albert Hadley uses it- repeatedly! He even did a custom color!

So, while we all will greatly miss Mr. Hadley, I will miss him as the designer who validated my product design efforts through actual specifications and installations. Thank you Mr. Hadley. Thank you.

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