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HD, Las Vegas, and Neocon

May 21, 2012

We have just concluded HD 2012. For those of you who do not know what HD is, it stands for Hospitality Design, the largest show in the US for those companies who supply furnishings to hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, stores, and other public facilities, even churches. This show happens in May in Las Vegas, and is a typical convention in one sense. However, since it is a “hotel” show in a hotel, many of the attendees are obsessed with running around Las Vegas- not to hit the hot clubs or the more prurient aspects of “The Strip”, but to look at edgy new interiors by designers from all over America. So while your basic Vegas conventioneer spends time, I suppose, enjoying those things that Vegas is famous for, HD attendees wander hotels looking at the layering of interior architecture and design, studying color palettes and the use of texture, with maybe a little partying thrown in.

HD, as a barometer of the non-residential interior design industry, indicated that the domestic hospitality industry is coming back at last. American hotels are busy again, and that is a very good sign for us all, just as is the fact that UPS and FedEx are busier. When hotels are busy, the economy is surely picking up!

At Donghia, we not only displayed the textiles and furniture we are known for, we demonstrated capability- the ability to solve problems for clients through our capabilities as a custom product design & manufacturing company rather than with our existing line of products. Whether it be custom furniture for retail stores or custom textiles for hotels, Donghia (and Bergamo) were able to demonstrate the breadth of the products and services offered to a wide variety of clients. This was a departure from our regular exhibit, and the response was gratifying. Thank you all.

Next, we head to Chicago and Neocon in mid-June. See you there.

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